Mama's Eyes


Mama's Eyes

A young mother was asked the age old question "What would you like for Mothers Day Mommy? Her reply was this...

For Mothers Day if I could have any gift in the world it would be the gift of looking at the world through my mother's eyes.

Mama's eyes could see things that others eyes would miss, like seeing the trouble I'd gotten into without me saying a word.

Mama's eyes could see when I was truly sorry and the punishment I'd given myself, she said, was more than I'd deserved from her.

Mama's eyes could see my desperate want for something I didn't dare ask for, and somehow no matter how little we had, she'd find a way to give it to me.

Mama's eyes could see when I'd been picked on at school for not always' being like everyone else but in mama's arms I always seemed to fit right in.

Mama's eyes could see when I was lonely and always stopped a while to play with me no matter how busy she was.

Mama's eyes could see what was wrong with me even when I didn't know myself.

Mama's eyes could see when I was sick without me even saying so.

Mama's eyes could see the fear in me no matter how brave I acted.

Mama's eyes could see the love sick look all over my face when everyone else just thought I'd lost my senses.

Even as I grew and moved away mama's eyes seemed to be able to look at me right through the phone.

Even now, Mama's eyes are an amazing tool she uses to love and nurture her children even in adulthood.

Yes, the greatest gift I could ever receive would be the gift of seeing the world through my Mothers eyes.

For Mama
©1998 Madona Smyser

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